Don’t Let Age be a Factor- Regain Control of Your Sex Life

As men age, they may notice that they are lacking a sex drive or libido. This is a normal reaction to the aging process, but it does not mean that men have to live with this. Men these days are realizing that they can still have the same sexual pleasures they had when younger.

The Condition

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that many experience as they age. Accordingly an astonishing 30 million men deal with erectile dysfunction (the ability to get and maintain an erection). Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure as well as a variety of psychological conditions can exacerbate the dysfunction.

The Symptoms

The symptoms that a man may be suffering from erectile dysfunction include; lack of interest in sex, short lived or soft erections, reduction of intimacy and having fewer sexual encounters. Just because a man has had one or two failed erections this does not mean he is suffering erectile dysfunction.

The Test

For a man to gain control of his sexual libido, he would need to undergo tests to find out what the exact cause of the dysfunction is. The tests can include an ultra sound, a blood test or a dye test to find out how the penis reacts when stimulated. Psychological factors such as stress, guilt, anxiety and depression may increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

The Solution

A medical doctor can prescribe medication and special pills which will increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood. Surgeries are also available that implant devices to help with an erection or repair broken blood vessels. A solution that is often not looked into is natural herbs which is required for safe male enhancement.

Natural herbs have been helping men get hard fast without the need to put expensive and ineffective medications in their systems. Additionally men do not have to undergo expensive and painful surgery.