Penis Exercises or Penis Pills?

Penis Exercises or Penis Pills? Which one produces larger results?

Since the beginning of time men and women have been fascinated with big penises.The men who are lucky enough to have them are considered to be more manly, and are envied by men, and admired by women.

What determines the size of a man’s penis?

Most men are born with an average or small size penis, hereditary plays a big role in the size of a man’s penis. Up until the last decade men just had to live with the penis they were born with, now you can so something to change the size of your penis.Clinical studies have found that traction devices, herbal medicines, and penis exercises work to enhance a man’s penis.

How penis exercises work?

Penis exercise programs have proven to be the most successful way to permanently increase the size of your penis. A technique called jelqing, is used as one of the best penis exercises today.Men who have used this technique correctly have reported size increases of inches over time.Jelqing is the most natural and safest way to increase the size of your penis, and improve your sex life. Jelqing allows the penis tissue to expand and hold more blood when erect, which gradually stretches the penis making it bigger.

How penis pills work?

Penis pills are made from natural ingredients from plant extracts and herbs, these herbs allow more blood to be sent to the penis during an erection. When the penis fills with the increased amount of blood, it stretches and the cells in the tissue divide and multiply, this causes the penis to increase in size.

Since these pills are made from natural ingredients they are easily absorbed into the blood stream.The pills don’t have side effects, and if you follow the manufacturers directions they are perfectly safe to use.

Penis exercises and pills both work to enlarge the penis, if you combine them both together you will definitely increase the size of your penis at a much faster rate.

Never take more than the recommended prescribed pill dose, and don’t overdue the penis exercises. Using both programs safely allows you to achieve a bigger penis size in a short amount of time.