Top 3 Free Penis Enlargement Techniques

When it comes to penis enlargement, there are a number of tips and techniques that you can use to gain a size advantage in the bedroom. Whilst we all know about penis pumps and herbal supplement, there are also a number of free penis enlargement techniques which can be used to garner results. Let’s take a look at what these top three are now.

1.Penis Exercises

Exercising the penis is something which many men fail to consider when it comes to enlarging the size of their penis. The fact of the matter is that a few simple exercises on a daily basis could make a significant difference. Take for example the exercise of stretching and holding the penis. This is explained below.

For the stretch and hold method to be useful, you need to have a soft penis to start with. Simply grab the head of the penis and pull slightly – not to the point where it feels uncomfortable, but certainly to the point where you can feel it. Now, hold it there for a good 1 to 2 minutes and release.

If you repeat this a few times a day, every day, you will find that you are able to experience similar results to those who use penis pumps. Essentially, as you can imagine, doing this exercise (and a combination of others, there are plenty out there) will certainly lengthen the penis with time.

2.Reduce Stress

Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to give the advice of “reducing stress”, whilst it is probably one of the hardest things to actually accomplish in our lives. Stress can affect us from every angle of our lives, from work to leisure to relationships.


If you are struggling with stress overload, it might be a good time to sit down and work out a plan to help relieve some of the stress. There are a number of things which might work well for you:


  • Meditation

  • Therapy or counselling

  • Relaxation exercises such as Yoga or Pilates

  • Physical exercise such as going to the gym

The funny thing about this is that many people associate lying on the beach in the sun with “relaxing”. However, if you have your cell phone right next to you and you are waiting for a call whilst sunbathing, you can’t expect your body to switch half of itself off and still relax. Therefore, this is an all or nothing type deal, and it is something which you really have to focus on if you know you are stressed.


The final of our penis enlargement techniques is easy. For most people, talking about sex open and honestly isn’t something they like to do. But recent research has shown that if you are able to discuss sex openly with your partner, as a male, you will be rewarded with a stronger penis and a more pleasurable experience during sex.


Indeed, communicating is the last of our techniques for male enhancement, and we think it’s a good one! So go ahead and have a chat about it!