Increasing Your Sperm Count And Semen Levels

Low levels of semen release during ejaculation and reduction in thickness of the semen are very good indicators of reduced sperm count. Recent studies proves rate of infertility among males is increasing on a global scale. Every man should keep this in mind and lead a healthy lifestyle. Leading a healthier life will potentially help you to increase sperm count and semen quality. Truth is that you don’t have to go for sophisticated drugs and herbal supplements to achieve it, I will point out some real easy ways which you can implement in your daily life, and try to make it a part of your lifestlye to reap the benefits.

Detoxifying Your Body:

Low sperm count is directly related to the quality of your semen, toxins present in your body will enable the generation of poor quality semens where sperms cannot effectively survive. It becomes a necessasity that you should detoxify your body in order to increase sperm volume.

Detoxifying your Body can be done in two distinct steps. Step one would be to avoiding intake of food stuff which are highly prone to toxify your body, its extremely important that you should give up harmful practices like smoking and excessive alcohol intake. These practices not only has bad influence over your internal organs, they will also toxify your body.

Eating food stuffs which are loaded with preservatives and other harmful elements will toxify your body too, its one of the main reasons why we must avoid eating junk foods.

Try to drink a lot of water, drinking good amount of water will greatly help you to detoxify your body, also you should know that a well hydrated body will produce more semen. Especially if you are in to regular exercise, you should drink more water than others as you will lose considerable amount of water through sweat. Regular exercise is also one of the best ways to detox your body.

Change Your Food Habits:

As mentioned before avoid eating junk foods and food stuffs which are loaded with preservatives and try to replace them with more healthy vegetables and fresh fruits. Fresh fruit juices and Vegetable salads can do help a lot to increase your semen quality and your sperm count considerably.

Avoid Tight Outfit and Tight Underpants:

Tight outfit and underpants will retard the free flow of blood to the essential parts of the body and will lead to low generation of semen and sperm levels. Replace your tight under pants with boxer shorts and wear a comfortable outfit.

Stop Frequent Ejaculation:

Frequent and consecutive ejaculations on a daily basis should be stopped. This habit will lead to lowering the quality of your semen and reduces your sperm count. Its been medically adviced to give an interval of atleast three days between two ejaculations.