Multiple Orgasms For Men – Is It Possible?

It's no secret that the male orgasm is one of the most mysterious things on this planet. On a biological level, it is clear that it is necessary. However, scientists have somewhat struggled to discover why it is pleasurable, and hence why there is an appeal to have sex for pleasure, let alone for reproduction.


Unlike woman, men usually ejaculate once, and then need a period of time to “refill the tank” - if you know what we mean. The amount of time that is needed depends on a number of things. Testosterone levels, age, and biological levels of some other important substances in the blood, all act as variables as to how long the recovery period takes.


So, what would happen if you were able to increase the labels of all of these things, and therefore decrease the time between ejaculations? Would this be possible, and if so – how would you do it? Interestingly, the answer may have been right in front of our eyes for some time.


The Secret of Penis Enlargement


The task of enlarging one's penis has been something of a goal for many men over the last decade or so. Ever since the introduction of penis enlargement products to the Internet, millions of people around the world have aspired to increasing the size of their endowments.


Well, this is certainly possible. The one thing that most people didn't plan on, however,  when they embarked on such a mission, was that they inadvertently were able to increase the levels that we were talking about before.


No, probably not the levels of testosterone. However, the levels on the other “important substances” in the blood, all seem to be affected by the consumption of penis enlargement pills.

But the most amazing fact is yet to come. It is not actually the consumption of the pills which does this, but instead the size of the penis. As the penis grows, the levels inside the body of the important substances naturally increase – obviously spurring on the production of things such as testosterone – and hence inadvertently resulting in increased levels of the biological chemicals.


The Final Effect


You guessed it – the final effect in this chain of reactions is that the time between organisms is significantly decreased. For a male, this could be the fact that they would need to wait just three or four minutes, compared to 15 minutes or 20 minutes in the past.